I began working with Pattern's company leadership before they even had a name. In the span of just 2 months, I culled together my dream team to create, collaborate with management, and get legal approval on a name, an identity, and a preliminary color palette.

From there, I brought Pattern to my new agency, Rich Pageant, as their Creative Director, where we used mathematical, scientific, and elemental patterns to create the design system that spawned the Pattern Development brand extension, the internal 2020 internal b
rand platform, corporate websites for them and their international operating companies, approximately 30 project websites, a custom intranet, countless presentations to investors and officials, Telly Award winning external and internal brand videos, as well as the signage, environmental branding, and guidance of the interiors of their corporate offices. I've also planned grand opening a
nd investor events for them in the US, Canada, the Caribbean, and Chile.
At every touchpoint, I've worked with Pattern to help craft a brand that people trust with their dollars, their careers, their communities, and their family homesteads. This has been one of the most rewarding long-term clients for me in my career.

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