Rapt Touch needed help creating a tangible brand for an important pitch meeting to potential investors. My team and I had just two and a half weeks to not only create a brand new identity system, but to deliver an entire suite of collateral to showcase that system - and their proprietary technology - in their PowerPoint presentations, business cards, proposals, and website.
Because their optical technology was an entirely new approach to the capacitive technology found in iPhones, iPads and other touchscreen devices, we created what we called the “Disruptor”, an identity that highlighted the tactile, creative and game-changing nature of the brand. The “Disruptor” identity was designed as a flexible system that could highlight textures, objects, or people to enhance the content-image relationship.
We went on to refine the strategy of the Rapt brand by focusing less on the idea of interfaces, and instead on ownership of the touchscreen space.

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